Wearing a mask…

As recently as a few weeks ago, people in the USA were still failing to wear masks, even though the science shows that it mitigates the spread of COVID-19, and that if everyone wears a mask when they cannot social distance, we’ll get through this a lot faster. (https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2020/p0714-americans-to-wear-masks.html)

Here’s the scoop – it’s not about you! You wearing a mask protects others, not yourself.

Think about these folks:

  • Batman, sacrificing his playboy lifestyle for the good of his city,
  • Tony Stark, putting on the Infinity Gauntlet knowing that he wasn’t walking away,
  • Shoto facing down Nolan Sorrento outside of castle Anorak,
    Dumbledore’s Army, and
  • the entire Fellowship of the Ring.

It’s not that big a sacrifice. Be a hero! Wear your mask!

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