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You signed up to follow us, now what?

We haven’t sent out anything to the Inherit Initiative mailing list in a very long time.  Most of you signed up for our list because you thought the logo was cool, or you liked the Geek Quote of the Day on social media, or maybe you really like our mission and want to either follow along or be a part of it.  Part of the reason that we haven’t sent anything out is because we’ve been spending a ton of time working with Harlequin Hats (the first for profit under the Initiative).  You’ll hear about them a bit later as this list’s spotlight.

We also haven’t sent much out because we wanted to get to a point that we could ask folks what you want to see and how you might like to help.  We’re all nerds here, so if you’re successful, we’re successful, but there are many things that we each can do to help accelerate the promulgation of geek culture, and we want to spend our time and energy on those that will be most effective.

So what we’re going to do is give you a homework assignment.  Nerds and geeks aren’t afraid of a little homework, right?  We’re waaay too school for cool.  🙂  This is just a small survey that will help us figure out where to focus our energy.  Like a triluminary.  We’d love to promise you something in return for your time, but as a startup, we don’t have a lot to give.  Like any dungeon quest, our way is fraught with perils unnumbered and many of us won’t return, but the reward is the princess’ hand.  (Or prince’s – we’re not biased here!)  We do have a couple of car decals and buttons we can send out if folks are interested, so let us know!  🙂

If you’d be willing to give us your insights, we’d be eternally grateful.  Click here to take our survey, and the flying monkies (sorry – survey monkey) will help us understand where to go next!


Mr. Black

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