Have I got your attention? This ad caught your eye because of the “Blue Lantern”, not because of the “Executive Aide.” You know what that is, and that’s the Corps that most appeals to you.

You want to change the world, but you’re not the sort of person who plays in the limelight. You’re happy to be the support team. You might have worked stage crew in high school – but you were dang good at it. You’re the best tech support person you know – not just because you’re techie, but because you’re able to focus on helping people in need. All of your friends who are writing books ask you to edit them. Your attention to detail is impeccable. In the SCA, you’re on track for a Pelican. The job needs to be done, so you do it. In the Military, you’d be the Commander’s Executive Aide.

You’ve got some extra time and you want to change the world, but the missions that have come across your RADAR are strangely unappealing. There’s a ton of startups out there, but they seem to be about making money, or a specific product. You want to save the human race.

We’re the Inherit Initiative. Our goal is to reverse the anti-intellectualism in society through the celebration, quantification, and gamification of geek culture. We’re going to change the world in a big way or go down in flames. We can’t promise you an easy job. We can’t promise you big pay – or even any pay – while we’re starting up. Health care? We’re still working that out. Stock options in companies that we build? Sure! But until we get the right lawyer and accountant on board, we don’t know how much.

We can promise you a work environment that makes you happy, and an A-list crew that speaks your language. Know your D&D alignment? So do we. Like to cosplay? Our folks would help you find the last shiny button for the costume you’ve been working on for months. We’ll get your jokes – and share ours. Who’s your favorite superhero? The folks on our team may have different answers to that question – but, they all have an answer to it. A well thought-out, reasoned answer. Want to work with people like that? You’ll have a hand in selecting those very people.

We can promise you long hours and hard work. You think Samwise had it easy supporting Frodo through Mordor? We may not be facing down Sauron in his own lair, but we can promise you one heck of a ride. If we manage to pull this off, generations will remember us as heroes – or legends.

This is not a job for the faint of heart. This is a job for someone who believes in what we’re doing and recognizes that it will be difficult, take a lot of work, and is willing to put in the time to make a difference. This is a job for someone who can maximize my effectiveness – I need a Blue Lantern to make my Green one more effective.

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Blessed are the geek, for we shall inherit.world.

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